Massachusetts residents might be interested to hear about a woman who became conscious as doctors were getting ready to remove her organs and donate them. The woman had been believed to be dead. Doctors had believed she had undergone cardiopulmonary arrest and had irreversible brain damage.

The woman had initially been found surrounded by empty bottles of pills and unresponsive. She was taken to the hospital where doctors ran toxicology tests on her and reported a multidrug overdose. A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report that was unearthed showed that there was a series of errors that contributed to the woman almost having her organs removed while she was still alike. Consequently, the doctors could have been sued for surgeon malpractice.

However, the woman’s family never sued the hospital. Doctors had misdiagnosed the woman with irreversible brain damage and allegedly ignored nurses who had noticed signs of the woman improving. Nurses say that she curled her toes, moved her mouth and tongue, flared her nostrils and was even able to breathe independently though she was on a respirator. However, doctors stated that her brain damage was irreversible and that she had undergone cardiorespiratory arrest. After doctors told her family this, the family decided to take her off of life support the next day and donate her organs.

People whose family members are misdiagnosed could decide to file a lawsuit against the doctors who misdiagnosed them. Medical malpractice lawyers might be able to assist people in filing claims due to surgical errors or doctor negligence. Such claims could allow people to receive compensation for their loved ones’ deaths or worsened conditions. Attorneys could also help them present evidence to the court that proves their claims.

Source: ABC News, “Patient wakes up as doctors get ready to remove organs“, Sydney Lupkin, July 09, 2013