Brain injury due to sports-related activities continues to make headlines in Massachusetts and around the country. According to a USA Today story, a 10-year-old girl recently suffered a concussion after she slipped from a set of parallel bars and fell to the ground headfirst.

Everyone who witnessed the fall, including her mother, a professional circus acrobat, reportedly breathed a collective sigh of relief when the girl popped right back up. Although she appeared to be fine at that moment, by the next morning, negative signs began to appear. She woke up feeling ill and reported to the office of her school’s nurse an hour later. Complaining of headache, nausea and dizziness, she was later diagnosed with a brain concussion and told to rest for one week.

According to the article, her condition lasted at least two weeks. Her long-term progress was not reported. Reportedly, most children bounce back after similar injuries within weeks. In some instances however, recovery may last for months. Sometimes, lingering consequences such as sudden changes in mood or personality may haunt individuals for the remainder of their lives.

A personal injury attorney may be able to help those in Massachusetts who have suffered a brain injury from a sports related accident. An attorney, with the help of expert investigators, may be able to isolate the circumstances surrounding the accident in order to pinpoint fault. An attorney could deliberate with insurance companies in order to attain a fair settlement for their injured client from the party responsible.

Source: Citizen-Times, “Keep your head when it comes to concussions”, Karen Weintraub, September 01, 2013