Massachusetts residents may be interested in the recent judgment in a case involving a boy who suffered medical trauma during his birth in November 2009. According to a lawsuit filed by the boy’s parents, the delivering doctor and other staff at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Pennsylvania disregarded signs that the boy wasn’t getting enough oxygen. The parents contended that the doctor did not perform a cesarean section even though signs indicated that the boy could suffer a birth injury without one.

The now four-year-old boy has cerebral palsy and serious developmental issues. His parents say that a lack of oxygen at birth led to his medical problems. On Dec. 23, a jury awarded the boy and his parents $55 million. A hospital representative said that the doctor and hospital staff provided suitable care for the boy and that their actions did not cause the boy’s medical issues.

Medical errors can lead to painful and costly injuries and illnesses in patients. However, they can be especially damaging for children. Serious medical errors can lead to developmental delays that may require professional care for the rest of the child’s life. That kind of care is sometimes so costly that families cannot afford it without some form of additional compensation.

Parents of children who have suffered physical injury or developmental issues may be able to pursue compensation through a medical malpractice suit. A medical malpractice attorney could advise the parents of their options and advocate on their behalf in any legal proceedings. Medical malpractice suits are often complicated and highly technical. The attorney could navigate the case’s complexities, analyze the evidence and medical records and call on expert witnesses in the pursuit of a fair settlement.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Pennsylvania Jury Awards $55M for Boy’s Injuries at Birth“, December 27, 2013