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Birth injury suit alleges C-section delay caused baby’s death

| Feb 5, 2014 | Birth Injuries

Preparation for the birth of a child is a joy often tinged with worry. An expectant mother can follow a Boston obstetrician’s orders faithfully and still have difficulties during the delivery process. Medical professionals must anticipate problems during pregnancy and childbirth to ensure a positive outcome for the mother and child.

A prolonged labor may endanger a baby’s health. Fetal stress is a sign medical action is needed, which may include an obstetrician’s decision to perform a Cesarean section. A physician’s delayed reaction to an emergency has the potential to cause a birth injury.

Oxygen deprivation and subsequent brain injury may occur before a baby is born or during childbirth. The aftereffects can cause temporary or permanent disabilities. In some cases, newborns do not survive.

A mother, whose infant died hours after he was born, is suing the staff and hospital where she gave birth. The woman, filing as the estate representative for her late son, claimed doctors unnecessarily delayed a C-section that could have saved her child.

According to the complaint, the dilation of the mother’s cervix took a long time. The woman was in labor 14 hours, when the hospital staff learned the baby was in distress. The plaintiff said labor had stopped, but three more hours passed before a Cesarean was performed.

The lawsuit alleges the lapse between the arrested labor and surgery deprived the child of oxygen, which contributed to a pulmonary hemorrhage and the infant’s suffering and death. The doctors and hospital are accused of negligence for delaying the C-section, which could have been performed a minimum of two hours and 15 minutes earlier.

The baby was blue when he was born and could not be revived, after he stopped breathing a few hours after the surgical delivery.

Estate filings attempt to recover damages suffered by a victim. Wrongful death claims seek compensation for survivors’ losses.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Kaiser Delays Cesarean, Baby Dies, Mother Claims” Barbara Wallace, Jan. 31, 2014


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