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March 2014 Archives

Alex Rodriguez claims doctor error may have worsened his injury

As readers of this medical malpractice blog are aware, a faulty or misdiagnosis is a recipe for trouble. Existing injuries or conditions may go untreated. That, in turn, may require more extreme interventions when they are finally discovered. The recent medical malpractice lawsuit brought by New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez provides context.

Survey compares surgical error rates at 199 hospitals

 In an age of informational transparency, it makes sense that health care consumers might want a ranking of surgical errors by hospital. That visibility could not only help prospective medical patients make informed choices, but perhaps decrease the rate of medical negligence among hospitals.

Teenager has deadly reaction to routine surgical procedure

Perhaps nothing is so tragic as a routine medical procedure that goes astray, resulting in serious or fatal patient injury. When such an event occurs, a medical malpractice attorney knows that some hard questions may need to be asked of the presiding doctor or surgeon. A recent case provides context.