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Study finds disturbing increase in gestational diabetes rate

| Apr 12, 2014 | Birth Injuries

Diabetes may require health monitoring in any individual, but especially in the case of pregnant women.

Women with a preexisting diagnosis of diabetes may have twice the risk of giving birth to newborns with birth defects. Yet even women who develop diabetes during their pregnancy — called gestational diabetes — have an elevated risk of 26 percent. Some of the potential diabetes-related birth defects may include congenital anomalies, lung and heart problems, other deformities, and even perinatal death.

Given those risks, the results of a recent study should not be taken lightly. According to a 14-year survey of over 1.1 million pregnant women, 13,000 developed diabetes before the pregnancy, and another 45,000 developed the condition during their pregnancy.

Notably, the rate of incidence seems to be increasing. The study collected data between 1996 and 2010. Yet researchers found that by the last year of the study, almost 10 percent of thirty-something pregnant women ad diabetes. Since researchers also observed that most of the study participants were becoming pregnant in their thirties, this is very serious news.

A medical malpractice attorney knows that conditions that are not diagnosed or treated properly during pregnancy can lead to heartbreaking consequences during the labor and delivery process. Such a failure to properly monitor and treat women at every stage of their pregnancy may amount to medical negligence. If that negligence resulted in a birth injury, an attorney may be able to help parents bring a medical malpractice claim and recover compensation for some of the emotional and financial cost caused by that negligence.

Source: Tech Times, “Diabetes in pregnant women doubles, ups risk of infant birth defects: Study,” Rhodi Lee, April 4, 2014


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