In Boston, when a person goes to the doctor with a problem or takes a child for assistance with an illness, it is expected that there will be a proper diagnosis of the issue. Delayed treatment and a failure to diagnose can lead to worsened condition. In some instances, this can be debilitating or fatal. While clearly unintentional, misdiagnosis is one of the worst kinds of betrayal a medical professional can commit on a patient. If there is a fatality or near fatality because of it, the family will want answers as to why it happened.

A six-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after a series of doctors continually misdiagnosed why she was lethargic and throwing up blood. Many different theories were presented as to what was wrong with her, none of which turned out to be correct. Migraines, mumps, allergies, infections, gastritis and even a tumor were said to be the cause of the child’s illness. Finally, a doctor discovered that she had an aneurysm in her mouth that stemmed from surgeons injuring an artery during a tonsillectomy six months before. Had the doctor who diagnosed a tumor operated, the girl would have died. Since the surgery to repair the aneurysm, the child is healthy and back to normal.

A misdiagnosed illness can lead to death. Whether it is cancer or another health issue, failure to diagnose robs precious time from the medical personnel to try and find a solution. Regardless of the health issue and if it was caught in time, the delayed treatment might cause long-term problems that could have been avoided had the proper diagnosis been made. In certain instances, the failure to diagnose leads to a worsened condition and death. Those who have been subject to this type of treatment need to understand their legal rights.

Losing a loved one or seeing them suffer is hard enough without learning that the illness or death was preventable. In this case, the mother came perilously close to losing her daughter as a result of a multitude of doctors failing to properly discover what was wrong with her. If a person is severely injured or dies as a result of a failure to diagnose and delayed treatment, it is important that the person’s family explore their legal rights since they may be entitled to compensation for their loss.

Source:, “A Misdiagnosis Endangers a Little Girl’s Life,” May 6, 2014