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Man suffers head injury when tire crashes through windshield

| May 9, 2014 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

An accident can happen at any time in Boston and leave people with a severe injury that alters their life and the life of their loved ones completely. If it is a head injury, the dangers are much worse than if it was a simple broken bone. Any kind of injury can be hard to deal with, but if it is due to the carelessness of another, then it is made exponentially worse because it could have been avoided.

A bus passenger suffered a head injury when a tire came off a vehicle ahead of the bus and crashed through the windshield. The 49-year-old man who was hurt was seated behind the bus driver. He was taken to the hospital and is said to be in critical condition. There were 50 passengers on the bus in addition to the driver and another worker. The driver and two other people suffered minor injuries.

When an accident involving the head happens, there are many instances when the person who was hurt doesn’t realize how bad it is until later. There are symptoms that might seem innocuous, but grow gradually worse until people or their family see that something is wrong. With a head injury, the individual and the person’s family could be adversely affected for the rest of their lives.

Medical costs can be astronomical, there could be lost time at work or the inability to work at all, the person might not be able to function as normal and will require long-term care and it might take years of therapy to become reasonably functional again. Insurance companies will try to settle cases like this to preclude the family from filing a lawsuit. While the initial offer might sound reasonable before the true costs of the injuries are understood, it’s rarely enough. In most cases, it’s not even close.

In this incident, a man was simply riding a bus when a tire suddenly came through the windshield and injured his head. With a head injury, there’s a chance the victim won’t ever be able to return to normal. When this type of accident occurs, the individual and family should protect themselves by investigating their legal rights and should consider seeking compensation through litigation.

Source: WHTM, “Tire smashes through windshield of NYC-bound bus,” May 5, 2014


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