When a person goes for a surgical procedure in Boston, an immense amount of trust is placed in the hands of the doctor. Even though any kind of surgery can be considered dangerous, one of the last things expected is for a surgeon mistake to lead to worse problems than before. People can find themselves in a worsened condition because of negligent operating room staff. Surgical errors can cause long-term damage to the patient or even result in death.

A former member of the Army is living without one of his legs after it was amputated. He didn’t lose the leg while in combat. According to him, he lost it due to an infection incurred while undergoing a surgical procedure after he was hit by a truck. When a doctor at the Veterans Hospital was removing the metal plates from his leg, a screw was left inside. An infection led to the leg being amputated below the knee. Furthermore, the patient thinks he received a staph infection while being operated on. An investigation has shown that the Veterans Hospital in question has also failed to maintain a sterile environment, mistreated employees and made mistakes similar to the one experienced by the veteran who lost his leg.

When undergoing surgery, a patient is in a highly vulnerable position. When errors happen, the results can run the gamut to the worst case scenario in which a person is left permanently handicapped or dead. Surgical mistakes can happen regardless of the type of surgery that is being performed. They happen with plastic surgery, during a baby’s birth, when performing a gastric bypass and in many other instances. Those who have been hurt by what they believe is a mistake by the doctor need to understand what they should do next to recover compensation for what happened.

In this case, the patient was injured in an accident and found his leg amputated because of what he believes was a careless surgeon. Based on the number of complaints and issues at the hospital in question, he has reason to think that he was mistreated. When a person is damaged in this way, it is a wise decision to explore all possible legal options.

Source: WTNH, “Complaints at VA go unanswered, says staff,” May 19, 2014