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June 2014 Archives

Failure to diagnose cancer in man leads to spread of disease

When a person in Boston goes to the doctor with a problem that might be cancer, one of the most relieving responses the doctor can give is that it is not cancer. There are times, however, that the issue actually is cancer and the patient is not only suffering from the disease, but was also subject to the doctor's failure to diagnose cancer. The failure to timely diagnose cancer can result in delayed treatment, the spread of disease and worsened condition. In the most negative instances, it can even led to death when it could have been delayed or prevented entirely.

Sick infant receives wrong drug in medication mistake

One of the most glaring mistakes for people receiving treatment in Boston are prescription medication errors. If a person is given the wrong drug, any number of things can happen. They will not receive the proper dosage for the issue the medication is designed to treat; they might receive too much of the medicine leading to a dangerous situation or they could receive the wrong medication entirely. This can cause serious injury or even death. This is similar to an anesthesia error when a person is set to undergo surgery and the consequences can be the same.

Ex-Marine blames VA delays for failure to diagnose cancer

One of the worst things that can happen to a person in Boston who goes to the doctor seeking help with a health issue is to learn they have cancer. However, a cancer diagnosis can be exponentially more damaging when it is compounded by having been missed at an earlier time. A missed diagnosis of cancer will result in delayed treatment, could cause a spread of disease and worsened condition. This can be the difference between life and death.

Man who suffered brain trauma in car accident recovers slowly

In Massachusetts, any kind of accident can lead to serious long-term problems such as brain trauma. With brain trauma, it is possible that there will be the need for extensive care and therapy. People who have been injured might not be able to return to work immediately. It's even possible they might not be able to return to normal and require therapy and extensive care. With a personal injury so severe, medical costs and long-term treatment could become a concern.

Woman dies after doctor's failure to diagnose cancer

In Boston when a person goes to see their doctor with a health concern, one of the worst case scenarios is to be told they have cancer. While it might be a relief when they're told there's nothing to worry about, there are times when the doctor is mistaken and the patient is at risk for worsened condition due to a missed diagnosis of cancer. Delayed treatment can be the difference between a longer life and a premature death.

14-month-old suffers traumatic brain injury in car accident

When there is an accident of any kind in Boston, one of the most dangerous injuries a person can suffer is a head injury. Whenever damage is done to the head, there is the potential for a traumatic brain injury. An injury to the brain can take an extensive time to recover from. It might lead to an extended stay in the hospital, the need for therapy and long-term care. Even then, there's the chance that the injured person might never return to normal. When these kinds of injuries occur to a toddler, the results can be even worse.

Doctor who performed wrong-site surgery faces discipline

When a patient goes to a doctor for treatment in Boston, they're placing their lives in the doctor's hands. In the event that surgery is recommended, one of the last things they think is going to happen is for the surgeon to make an egregious error such as wrong-site surgery. It is a surgeon mistake that can lead to the patient requiring more surgery, cause long-term injury and even death. Surgical errors must be reported and pursued not just for the victim, but to prevent it from happening again.

Misdiagnosis can lead to worsened condition

Patients in Boston who are suffering from symptoms or an illness visit their doctor hoping to receive a diagnosis of their problem so that it can be fixed. One of the worst things that can happen -- and one that occurs all too frequently -- is a misdiagnosis and the illness or disease grows worse because of it. The failure to diagnose can cause a person to grow sicker and even die.