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14-month-old suffers traumatic brain injury in car accident

| Jun 11, 2014 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

When there is an accident of any kind in Boston, one of the most dangerous injuries a person can suffer is a head injury. Whenever damage is done to the head, there is the potential for a traumatic brain injury. An injury to the brain can take an extensive time to recover from. It might lead to an extended stay in the hospital, the need for therapy and long-term care. Even then, there’s the chance that the injured person might never return to normal. When these kinds of injuries occur to a toddler, the results can be even worse.

A 35-year-old woman and her two children – ages 2-years-old and 14-months – were hospitalized after a car accident between their 2006 Chevrolet Impala and a 2011 GMC pickup truck. The investigation into the accident has indicated that the 46-year-old male driver of the pickup did not stop at an intersection and hit the Impala. The man was not hurt. The mother and 2-year-old were treated at the hospital and released. The 14-month-old, however, suffered a traumatic brain injury and remains hospitalized.

With any accident comes the risk of a major injury. When there is a head injury, the first concern is that the injured person receive the care he or she needs to return to health. But once the severity is understood, there might be for further and ongoing medical care. The medical expenses can add up to a significant sum and might last for many years. Insurance companies try to keep their costs as low as possible and will often make a pre-emptive settlement offer to avoid litigation and a huge award. Families, unaware of the costs they will face, might think the offer is sufficient and accept it. Often, this is a mistake.

This case is especially worrisome to the family when it comes to the future because the victim is a toddler. If he is not able to recover from the traumatic brain injury and live a normal life, the costs to care for him could be astronomical. With a situation such as this, the family needs to consider the future and discuss their case with an attorney experienced with car accidents and injuries to the brain.

Source:, “Car-pickup crash Friday injures 14-month-old, toddler,” Steve Dzubay, May 29, 2014


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