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Man who suffered brain trauma in car accident recovers slowly

| Jun 18, 2014 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

In Massachusetts, any kind of accident can lead to serious long-term problems such as brain trauma. With brain trauma, it is possible that there will be the need for extensive care and therapy. People who have been injured might not be able to return to work immediately. It’s even possible they might not be able to return to normal and require therapy and extensive care. With a personal injury so severe, medical costs and long-term treatment could become a concern.

A head-on car crash that was caused by a 19-year-old driver who had been drinking killed five people and seriously injured one survivor. A Ford Mustang driven by the 19-year-old crashed into a Chevrolet Lumina being driven by a 41-year-old woman. The man with the serious injuries suffered from brain trauma and amnesia. He has no memory of his wife who was killed in the accident and doesn’t remember the accident at all. The man spent a month in a coma, nearly had his feet amputated and he is still being treated. He doesn’t have health insurance making it a necessity that he seeks accident compensation.

Any accident that results in injuries and death can be difficult to deal with. When it happens due to a driver behaving negligently, it is made even worse. With a brain injury, the injured person’s life and the life of his or her family can be changed forever. Not only will there be massive medical costs, but the injured person might have been the breadwinner in the household or a stay-at-home parent. Their income and services will be absent and they will likely need therapy and significant help to function. Insurance companies are focused on saving money and will try to pay the minimal amount in accident compensation, if they’re willing to pay anything at all. It’s important that an injured person and the family know how to move forward with the possibility of litigation.

In this case, the man lost his wife and a great deal of his functionality due to brain trauma and other injuries suffered in a car crash. His bills are enormous and his family is currently seeking ways pay them. One of their options is to file a lawsuit. In order to learn what needs to be done in filing a claim, they would be well advised to discuss the matter with an experienced legal professional.

Source:, “Survivor has no memory of horrific crash that killed 5,” June 11, 2014


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