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Paying attention to the dangers of a traumatic brain injury

For people in Boston, traumatic brain injury is one of the worst possible injuries and outcomes that a person can be suffered short of paralysis or death. Because the brain is such a complicated and important part of the human anatomy, relatively little is understood about how it functions. So many different things can happen when there are head injuries and many can lead to long-term injury and the need for extensive therapy just to return to some semblance of normalcy. Having a baseline understanding of how the brain can be affected by an accident is a giant step toward dealing with the aftermath of a brain injury.

Child's traumatic brain injury spurs mother's lawsuit

For people in Boston, a traumatic brain injury can occur in a multitude of ways and lead to significant issues for an extended period. When this type of injury occurs in a way that is considered the fault of another, a personal injury case should be considered to recover compensation to care for the person that was hurt. This could happen in an accident or due to one person abusing another. There are times when it happens through negligent acts and a lack of attention being paid. This is frequent in incidents with children.

Can a careless surgeon actually benefit a hospital's profits?

A surgeon mistake is one of the biggest concerns that a person and his or her family will experience prior to a medical procedure. It goes without saying that medical professionals don't try to make errors. However, what many people in the Boston area may be unaware of is that hospitals could stand to benefit from errors due to the extra income they will receive from extended hospital stays and, perhaps, the need for more surgery.

Lawsuit claims surgeon mistake led to woman's death

A person who requires surgery in Boston expects the doctor and operating room staff to adhere to all proper procedures and ensure that the patient is adequately cared for. A surgeon mistake is not only a betrayal of the patient's trust, but it can cause a significant amount of damage and even death. Surgical errors like surgical equipment left inside a patient are egregious. If a mistake such as this happens, the patient and the patient's family have a right to seek answers as to how and why it happened.

Dealing with prescription medication errors

One of the last things a patient in Boston expects when receiving treatment for a health problem or illness is to face prescription medication errors. It's a matter of trust between a patient and the medical professionals when having surgery or being given medicine to clear up a problem. For the most part, doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists and pharmacists are cautious when fulfilling their duties. But that doesn't stop the inevitable mistakes such as an anesthesia error that can occur. These errors can make a person sick and even lead to death.

Activist and actor dies after alleged failure to diagnose cancer

Cancer is a worst-case scenario for a person who is feeling under the weather. A person goes to the doctor in Boston to receive treatment for the ailment and to assuage the fears that accompany the mere thought of having cancer. In many instances, the medical professionals will properly diagnose what the issue is - whether it's cancer or not - and take steps to treat it. There are times, however, when there is a missed diagnosis of cancer. This error can result in the spread of disease, worsened condition and death.

Birth injuries a frequent occurrence in military settings

For people in Boston, the joyous time of having a baby can quickly turn into a nightmare. In many cases, it is due to a negligent doctor that a newborn will suddenly be stricken with a problem that will require long-term care. Parents who were prepared to welcome a healthy child into their home are suddenly left to face a life with a child that is suffering from a birth injury.

Delayed treatment of gangrene causes spread and veteran's death

Regardless of a person's age, whenever there is a medical issue in Boston, it's a cause for concern. That concern is meant to be assuaged when a doctor says that it is nothing to worry about or diagnoses it as an issue that can be easily treated. There are, however, far too many instances in which a negligent physician will make a mistake. A failure to timely diagnose can lead to a worsened condition and possible death. Delayed treatment can mean the difference between living a normal life and ending up debilitated or in the grave.