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Birth injuries a frequent occurrence in military settings

| Jul 4, 2014 | Birth Injuries

For people in Boston, the joyous time of having a baby can quickly turn into a nightmare. In many cases, it is due to a negligent doctor that a newborn will suddenly be stricken with a problem that will require long-term care. Parents who were prepared to welcome a healthy child into their home are suddenly left to face a life with a child that is suffering from a birth injury.

The nation’s military makes an enormous sacrifice. In exchange, the least they can expect is to have quality care when they need medical assistance or are having a child. However, it is a frequent occurrence that medical mistakes are made leading to children born with birth injuries or even dying soon after birth.

According to studies, of the 50,000 babies born in military hospitals annually, these babies are twice as probable to suffer an injury than in hospitals out of the military sphere.

When a child suffers birth injuries, it’s imperative that a full investigation be conducted to find out exactly what happened and whether it happened naturally or was because of a negligent doctor. Any small error on the part of the hospital staff can cause these injuries to occur and result in permanent disability or even death. The massive costs of caring for a child with special needs can break a family financially. In addition, it can alter their lives forever from one in which they were planning to have a family with vacations, sports and relative normalcy to the daily effort of caring for a sick child. Parents might not even know that their child’s birth defect was due to medical error.

The military standard of care is coming under increasing scrutiny with attempts to improve the way patients are treated and reduce the number of birth injuries. The changes are moving slowly. Those who have had a child suffer birth injury and believe it might be due to a medical mistake need to know their rights. Discussing the matter with a qualified legal professional is a wise decision.

Source: New York Times, “In Military Care, a Pattern of Errors but Not Scrutiny,” Sharon LaFraniere and Andrew W. Lehren, June 28, 2014


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