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Child’s traumatic brain injury spurs mother’s lawsuit

| Jul 27, 2014 | Traumatic Brain Injuries


For people in Boston, a traumatic brain injury can occur in a multitude of ways and lead to significant issues for an extended period. When this type of injury occurs in a way that is considered the fault of another, a personal injury case should be considered to recover compensation to care for the person that was hurt. This could happen in an accident or due to one person abusing another. There are times when it happens through negligent acts and a lack of attention being paid. This is frequent in incidents with children.

A mother has chosen to file a lawsuit due to her son’s traumatic brain injury that has left him with brain damage. The child, then five, was attending a summer camp when he was being bullied by older children. One eight-year-old in particular pushed the woman’s son off a slide. The staff placed the child on a bench to let him sleep. The child’s grandmother picked him up from the camp and the child was lethargic. He was diagnosed as having a concussion and the mother given painkillers for the child. Later, the child suffered a seizure. He had surgery to remove fluid from his brain. After this series of incidents, the child lost sight in one eye and can no longer speak. She believes the child was not adequately protected from bullying.

A traumatic brain injury can result from a motor vehicle accident, an accident at work or when caretakers are negligent in keeping an eye on children. There will be hefty medical expenses to care for a person who is suffering from a brain injury. There could be the need for rehabilitation to help the injured person return to some semblance of functionality. Long-term care could be required that will further strain a person’s finances and alter their lives significantly. In many cases, pursuing litigation is the only way in which these issues and treatments can be paid for.

In this incident, a mother believes that her child was not properly protected from another child that was bullying him and he became injured as a result. When there is an injury of this nature, the injured person and the person’s family should understand their legal options.

Source: KRQE, “Mom suing city, hospital for son’s brain injury,” Gabrielle Burkhart, July 8, 2014


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