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Lawsuit claims surgeon mistake led to woman’s death

| Jul 18, 2014 | Surgical Errors

A person who requires surgery in Boston expects the doctor and operating room staff to adhere to all proper procedures and ensure that the patient is adequately cared for. A surgeon mistake is not only a betrayal of the patient’s trust, but it can cause a significant amount of damage and even death. Surgical errors like surgical equipment left inside a patient are egregious. If a mistake such as this happens, the patient and the patient’s family have a right to seek answers as to how and why it happened.

Recently, the family of a woman who died after the surgical team failed to remove a sponge from her abdomen filed a lawsuit seeking compensation. The woman’s husband alleges that during a surgery lasting 17 hours, the surgeons didn’t remove the sponge and she died because of it. The sponge was in the woman’s body for seven months. There were two failed tries to take it out. The woman died at age 58, one year and two months after she had the surgery.

During the surgery, shift changes led to confusion as to how many sponges should have been removed. The doctor is accused of having missed the sponge until over a month later. The sponge was removed at another hospital eight months after the first surgery. The lawsuit claims that complications and the numerous surgical procedures caused the woman’s death.

Any surgical procedure has risks involved. However, most patients trust that there will not be a surgeon mistake during the operation. If a person who has been subjected to this type of error grows sicker or dies because of it, the family has a right to seek compensation for the injury or death. Such an allegation must be fully investigated to see exactly what happened.

Following surgical errors like the one in this case, the injured person and his or her family may want to discuss the matter with an attorney experienced in surgeon’s mistakes.

Source: Dayton Daily News, “Sponge left in woman’s body leads to medical malpractice suit,” Mark Gokavi, July 14, 2014


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