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August 2014 Archives

Understanding the cause and effect of medication errors

For a person in Boston who is given medication to treat an illness or ailment, the obvious intention is for their condition to improve or for them to completely recover. There is an inherent trust placed in a physician and a pharmacist that the proper medication in its correct dosage will be administered. However, there are times when medication errors are made. These errors can be due to giving the patient the wrong drug entirely or a mistake with the dosage. It cannot be denied that serious injury can result from mistakes in medication.

Pursuing litigation for birth injuries due to medical mistakes

For people in Boston who are preparing to have a baby, it can be one of the most exciting times in their lives. The last thing on their minds is the possibility that birth injuries can occur and turn the blessed event into a lifelong series of challenges. In some instances, premature birth and other health issues for the mother and child are unavoidable. At other times, however, there are clear mistakes that are made by those who were entrusted with the health of the baby.

Surgeons fined for performing wrong-site surgery

When patients in Boston go for a surgical procedure, they're putting their complete trust in the doctor's hands. Even the most mundane kinds of surgery that are expected to be routine can be dangerous, and it's imperative that doctors can be relied upon. Unfortunately, doctors occasionally make mistakes in surgery that can lead to a worsened condition and even a death. When surgeon malpractice occurs, those who have been hurt and their families need to understand how to go about seeking compensation for what happened.

Boy riding bicycle suffers head injury in crash with truck

When there is an accident in Boston, the worst case scenario is if there is a fatality. However, another terrible result from an accident is a head injury. With this type of injury, the potential ramifications are extensive. It can lead to the need for a long hospital stay, rehabilitation and the possibility that the victim will never return to normal due to brain damage. No matter the cause, it's important victims and their families know what to do in the aftermath of such an injury.

When misdiagnosed cancer leads to illness or death

When an individual or a family member in Boston is feeling under the weather, the symptoms and amount of time the problem lasts will determine how they respond. In many situations, the likelihood is that it's nothing to worry about and it will run its course after a few days to a week. With more concerning symptoms such as a persistent cough, constant pain and anomalies like lumps, the fear grows more pronounced that it's something severe.

Surgical errors no longer easily available to the public

People in Boston who try to gather information about a surgeon before trusting them with their health and the health of a loved one often use various sources to do so. Because such mistakes as surgical equipment left inside a patient can lead to worsened condition and serious injury, it's important that patients know who they have working on them beforehand.

Baby suffers head injury in car accident

In Boston, when people are hurt in an accident, one of the worst results short of a fatality is for there to be a head injury. With a head injury comes the possibility of a traumatic brain injury. When it comes to personal injury, brain trauma can have the most serious long-term effects on a person. They might find themselves in need of constant care and may never lead a normal life. When this happens to a child, it's even more difficult for people to understand.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

For accident victims in Boston, one of the worst possible injuries that they can suffer from is a traumatic brain injury. While it might be a relief to the family of a person who is hurt in an accident that they weren't killed or suffered an obvious bodily injury, brain trauma is a very severe injury even though the damage may not be visible on the outside.

Actor speaks out about his misdiagnosed cancer

When people in Boston are concerned about a medical issue or go to the doctor for a checkup, one of the worst possible scenarios is a cancer diagnosis. The situation of being ill is bad enough, but if the medical professionals who are trusted to discover the problem make a mistake, a missed diagnosis of cancer can lead to delayed treatment, the spread of disease and a worsened condition. It can even result in death. These kinds of errors can happen to anyone, including prominent people.