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Baby suffers head injury in car accident

| Aug 8, 2014 | Traumatic Brain Injuries


In Boston, when people are hurt in an accident, one of the worst results short of a fatality is for there to be a head injury. With a head injury comes the possibility of a traumatic brain injury. When it comes to personal injury, brain trauma can have the most serious long-term effects on a person. They might find themselves in need of constant care and may never lead a normal life. When this happens to a child, it’s even more difficult for people to understand.

A mid-afternoon car accident sent a 1-month-old baby to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury. The accident occurred when a Cadillac turned at an intersection, was hit by another car and sent into a third car. A police officer that was close to the scene ran to the Cadillac and found a baby in her car seat in the back seat. The child was not responsive and CPR was performed. The child was not breathing but had a pulse. She was hospitalized and is in critical condition.

With any kind of accident, there are numerous issues that must be sorted out. The circumstances must be investigated fully to determine exactly what happened. There is the possibility that the victim will have a long hospital stay, require rehabilitation and long-term care. This not only makes life difficult for the victim, but it can put the family in a tough position both personally and financially. Insurers are often anxious to settle these kinds of cases as quickly as possible to maintain cost control. The offer they make early in the process might sound reasonable, but when all the expenses are tallied, it is often not close to being enough.

In this incident, a 1-month-old baby was injured in a car accident and suffered brain trauma. She is in critical condition, and her future is uncertain. Since the potential problems she faces can extend for her entire life, it is important that she be cared for properly. With that in mind, her family would be wise to contact a qualified personal injury attorney to discuss the possibility of filing litigation.

Source:, “1-month-old baby in critical condition after crash in Rochester,” July 21, 2014


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