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Surgeons fined for performing wrong-site surgery

| Aug 27, 2014 | Surgical Errors

When patients in Boston go for a surgical procedure, they’re putting their complete trust in the doctor’s hands. Even the most mundane kinds of surgery that are expected to be routine can be dangerous, and it’s imperative that doctors can be relied upon. Unfortunately, doctors occasionally make mistakes in surgery that can lead to a worsened condition and even a death. When surgeon malpractice occurs, those who have been hurt and their families need to understand how to go about seeking compensation for what happened.

Two doctors who admitted to performing wrong-site surgery were fined for their mistakes. The doctors, ages 49 and 48, had made their errors when performing surgical procedures that were not considered serious. That, however, doesn’t diminish how dangerous it can be when a doctor makes so egregious a mistake. In one incident, the 49-year-old doctor had performed surgery on the left ankle of a patient when the surgery was meant to be performed on the right ankle. After performing the surgery, he realized that he had made a mistake. The patient agreed to have surgery on the other ankle. In the other incident, the 48-year-old doctor had operated on the ring finger of a patient when he was supposed to operate on the middle finger. That patient also agreed to have the surgery on the correct finger after being informed of the mistake.

Patients and their families know that there are risks when having surgery regardless of whether it’s major or minor. One of the last things they will think about is the doctor performing the surgery on the wrong body part. The surgeon and medical staff are responsible for ensuring they’re performing the procedure on the body part that they’re supposed to. When there is a mistake made, those who were victimized by this level of mistake need to understand their rights to seek compensation.

In these particular incidents, neither patient was seriously hurt when the doctors made their mistakes and performed wrong-site surgery. However, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have been. When a person is cut open and has a surgical procedure, a surgeon mistake can cause long-term damage or even be fatal. When this happens, it is important that the matter be discussed with an attorney experienced in medical mistakes.

Source: Des Moines Register, “Iowa surgeons admit operating on wrong body parts,” Tony Leys, Aug. 14, 2014

Source: Des Moines Register, “Iowa surgeons admit operating on wrong body parts,” Tony Leys, Aug. 14, 2014


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