When an individual or a family member in Boston is feeling under the weather, the symptoms and amount of time the problem lasts will determine how they respond. In many situations, the likelihood is that it’s nothing to worry about and it will run its course after a few days to a week. With more concerning symptoms such as a persistent cough, constant pain and anomalies like lumps, the fear grows more pronounced that it’s something severe.

Visiting a doctor is meant to assuage fears and secure treatment options. There are times, however, that a doctor misses the signs of a more dangerous problem. If, for example, a person is told that he or she is fine and the problem gets worse, a deeper examination or another opinion can find that there is cancer present.

The failure to diagnose cancer or misdiagnosed cancer can lead to the spread of disease, a delay in treating it and the worsening of the condition. It can even cause death. In instances such as this, the person who has been subject to a doctor’s error will be within his or her rights to consider legal options. In the event that a mistake made by a negligent physician results in death, the doctor should be held responsible for what has happened.

While most people would never believe that a doctor willfully misdiagnosed cancer and spurred the spread of disease, what matters is whether the doctor was negligent.

Doctors are trusted with the health and care of people and their families. With a failure to diagnose cancer, those who were harmed may consider legal action to recover damages. This is not only to be compensated, but also to alert others as to the doctor’s negligence to ensure either that the doctor’s patients are more skeptical of the doctor’s performance or that the doctor’s credentials and qualifications are more closely scrutinized by the state and its oversight committees.

When coming to the realization that the spread of disease was due to a failure to diagnose cancer, it is natural to be angry and frustrated. Attorneys who specialize in various forms of cancer and how those diseases can be misdiagnosed can walk a prospective client through the process to understand how to move forward with litigation. Attorneys who also have great experience in medicine can greatly benefit a person who has been hurt.

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