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September 2014 Archives

The importance of legal help after brain trauma

The brain is such a delicate part of the body that any head injury has the potential to cause long-term damage. People in Boston who are injured in any kind of accident need to understand that they need to be vigilant if they were hit on the head and suffered an injury. There is always the chance that there will be a traumatic brain injury and there could be long-term consequences because of it.

Actress and comedian dies from alleged surgeon mistake

When a person in Boston has a medical issue that requires surgery, they must consider many different things. With a problem serious enough that it requires surgery, there are numerous worries. Most people won't think about the possibility of a surgeon mistake that will kill or cause serious injury to them. However, surgeon malpractice does happen and people are hurt or suffer a fatality because of it. It's important to know how to move forward after a mistake like this occurs.

How common is Massachusetts misdiagnosed cancer and why?

People in Boston who are having symptoms or just go to their doctor for a checkup are relieved when they are told it is nothing or at least nothing serious. The worst possible diagnosis is to be told one has a terminal or potentially fatal illness like cancer. However, when a person is told that they have nothing to worry about there are times when they do have something to worry about and they've been subjected to a failure to diagnose cancer or misdiagnosed cancer. The number of times this occurs is much more common than is believed.

Important facts about MA prescription medication errors

With the increased use of medications in Massachusetts to treat various illnesses and ailments, people in Boston need to be cognizant of the possibility that prescription medication errors might be made. While it might be due to a negligent pharmacist, an illegible handwriting on the part of the doctor or a simple and unintended mistake, that does not diminish the amount of damage that can be done when there is any kind of wrong drug administered or improper amount dispensed. Those who are concerned must keep certain factors in mind when being given any kind of medication.

Surgical equipment left inside a patient a prevalent problem

When a surgery is necessary in Boston there's an inherent trust between doctor and patient. Part of that is believing that the doctor and medical staff will pay strict attention to what they're doing during the procedure and won't make egregious mistakes. Complications are, in certain instances, understandable. But if they happen because of a careless surgeon or negligent operating room staff, it's particularly disturbing. This happens all too frequently as a news report shows.

Woman undergoes unnecessary surgery after misdiagnosed cancer

When a person in Boston is diagnosed with cancer, there are many issues going through their minds and fears they have to deal with. In some ways, receiving the diagnosis can be a positive as it will allow the patient to receive treatment and possibly beat the disease. There are times, however, when there is a cancer misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose because of a negligent physician.

What errors during delivery can lead to birth injuries?

For people in Boston, one of the most thrilling moments of their lives is to have a child. The excitement that accompanies a birth tends to shunt any trepidations off to the side whether it's concerns about what kind of parents they're going to be to possible mistakes that might be made during the delivery process. However, it is not an infrequent occurrence that neonatal birth injuries happen. Sometimes they're due to unavoidable circumstances. Other times, they happen because a doctor or medical professional made a mistake.

Understanding causes and effects of traumatic brain injury

For people in Boston, being in an accident is a frightening thing. Injuries suffered in that accident only make things worse. When there is a head injury, an ongoing concern is how it will affect the brain. Having a handle on the facts and statistics regarding these injuries can help a person or family through the ordeal.