When a person in Boston is diagnosed with cancer, there are many issues going through their minds and fears they have to deal with. In some ways, receiving the diagnosis can be a positive as it will allow the patient to receive treatment and possibly beat the disease. There are times, however, when there is a cancer misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose because of a negligent physician.

A 68-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that she was diagnosed with cancer and had half her rectum removed because doctors were looking at the test results of another patient. Doctors had told her she was suffering from cancer of the rectum and she was under the impression that she was dying. The results emanated from a colonoscopy of a man who was suffering from the disease. The woman had been in good health and was not taking any medicine prior to the diagnosis. The woman claims that she believed there to be a mistake and sought a second opinion. The biopsies came back negative, but doctors went through with the procedure anyway. A few months later, she was told that she had never had cancer to begin with.

A person who goes to the doctor with a medical problem or for a routine checkup may be shocked when the word “cancer” is spoken. When there is a failure to diagnose cancer it can result in delayed treatment and the worsening of the condition. If there is a misdiagnosed cancer and a person is treated but there wasn’t even cancer in the first place, it can be even worse for the patient. If there is an improper diagnosis and perhaps unnecessary surgery, the patient has the right to seek compensation for what they’ve gone through.

When this type of error happens, it’s imperative that the patient know his or her rights to pursue litigation. For that, consulting with an experienced attorney is an advisable decision.

Source: Daily Mail, “Elderly woman claims doctors ‘removed half her RECTUM after false cancer diagnosis made using another patient’s test results’,” Madlen Davies, Sept. 4, 2014