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October 2014 Archives

Study shows frequency of medication errors with children

In Boston and across the nation, patients who visit medical professionals seeking help with an illness are placing their trust in their doctors. That trust is sometimes violated by a negligent physician making a mistake. These mistakes are especially serious when they involve children. A new study shows that medication errors involving children occur approximately every eight minutes. Some of these result in no injury. Some, however, make the child sick or even result in death.

Teenager given wrong drug in pharmacy mix-up

In Boston and across the country, patients put their trust in medical professionals every day. There are many ways in which that trust can be violated. One type of mistake that frequently happens is if an anesthesiologist makes an anesthesia error. Another kind of error that is unexpected and often inexplicable is a negligent pharmacist making prescription medication errors. While these are not often referenced as a reason people get ill or die, they happen just like other forms of medical mistakes.

Breast cancer survivor also received liver cancer misdiagnosis

When a patient in Boston is having a health issue or simply goes for a standard checkup, one of the worst things they can hear is that they have cancer. However, it can be even worse if the patient is having symptoms or undergoes tests and a negligent physician makes a mistake and there is a failure to diagnose cancer. Whether it's a cancer misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose, the results can be worsened condition or even death. Those who have been harmed by this type of error need to know what to do next.

How common is failure to diagnose in the U.S.?

For people in Boston and across the nation, a medical issue that is enough of a concern to visit a doctor is bad enough without having to think about the possibility of a failure to diagnose what's really wrong. But this is a growing problem in the U.S. that is affecting scores of people and families. The relief that a person feels when the diagnosis given is such that it's not as serious as the worst case scenario can be rapidly punctured when the symptoms don't subside and it's discovered that there was a failure to diagnose a serious illness. This can lead to delayed treatment, a worsened condition and even death.

Study examines anesthesia errors and their aftereffects

When a person in Boston needs to be given anesthetic for a procedure large or small, it's unavoidable that there will be a certain amount of trepidation as to what can happen. While most doctors and anesthesiologists are conscientious and pay close attention to what they're doing, an anesthesia error can happen at any time and cause serious injury and even death. Although there are improvements being made at caring for patients who are under anesthesia, one negligent physician or staffer can make a mistake leading to severe damage.

Knowing how to handle anesthesia errors

When a person in Boston has a surgical procedure and needs to be placed under an anesthetic, there are obvious concerns for that person and his or her family. Combined with the fears of surgery - no matter how minor - the idea of being put under anesthetic can elicit the terror of never waking up again. In most instances, the anesthesiologist is conscientious and makes certain that there are no mistakes that could hurt someone or cost a life. These incidents do happen, though. When they do, it's important that the injured party or the family left behind due to an untimely death knows how to move forward with litigation.

Man's symptoms ignored by negligent physician at VA

When a veteran serves his or her country, the one thing they should be able to expect is to receive quality medical treatment from the Veterans Administration hospital in their area when they return home. This is something that can affect everyone who served and begins to feel ill or suffers from the aftereffects of having been in combat. Whether the person is from Boston or anywhere else in the United States, a negligent physician can do a tremendous amount of damage with a misdiagnosis. This can lead to delayed treatment, worsened condition and even death.

Girl crossing street hit by pickup, suffers head injury

When there is an accident in Boston, one of the worst injuries that can be suffered short of a fatal one involves a head injury. An injury involving the head can lead to traumatic brain injury and all the potential problems resulting from it. These kinds of accidents can occur at work, while driving or as a pedestrian. Those who are hurt will have many concerns as they try to recover from brain trauma. These incidents are even worse when they involve children.

Cognitive bias is referenced as a cause of fatal surgical error

For people in Boston who require a surgical procedure, there is an incalculable amount of trust placed in the surgical team and medical professionals in whose hands the patient's life will rest. For the most part, that trust is rewarded as doctors and hospital staff act professionally and complete the procedures without a hitch. However, there are instances in which mistakes are made. Some mistakes are of the egregious variety and end up causing long-term injury and even death.