When a patient in Boston is having a health issue or simply goes for a standard checkup, one of the worst things they can hear is that they have cancer. However, it can be even worse if the patient is having symptoms or undergoes tests and a negligent physician makes a mistake and there is a failure to diagnose cancer. Whether it’s a cancer misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose, the results can be worsened condition or even death. Those who have been harmed by this type of error need to know what to do next.

A 42-year-old woman was diagnosed as having terminal breast cancer in August 2013. The basis of this diagnosis was a lump that was discovered on her liver. Doctors believed that the cancer had spread to her breast. According to her doctor, she was stage IV, meaning that there was little they could do to cure her disease and their best chance was to extend her life as long as possible.

She underwent chemotherapy and the size of the lump in her breast reduced. The liver tumor stayed the same. A biopsy on the liver tumor was performed and it was found to be benign, not malignant. Her prognosis is now much better than it was and she is using her status as a current survivor to help others dealing with cancer.

There are numerous types of cancer and all have various symptoms. It’s important when going to a doctor for treatment, that the difference between a symptom of cancer or something less serious is recognizable and tested by the medical professionals. That doesn’t always happen and people either receive treatment for the wrong disease or are treated when they weren’t ill at all. When this occurs in any circumstance, those who were harmed by it need to know how to pursue compensation for the medical mistake.

Although the woman in this case did have cancer, it wasn’t as severe as the doctors initially thought because they misdiagnosed the lump in her liver as cancerous when it wasn’t. As a result she had more serious chemotherapy when a lower dosage would have been sufficient for her breast cancer. Given this mistake and that she underwent unnecessary treatment for her illness, she should consider litigation and discuss the matter with a legal professional experienced in misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose cancer.

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