When there is an accident in Boston, one of the worst injuries that can be suffered short of a fatal one involves a head injury. An injury involving the head can lead to traumatic brain injury and all the potential problems resulting from it. These kinds of accidents can occur at work, while driving or as a pedestrian. Those who are hurt will have many concerns as they try to recover from brain trauma. These incidents are even worse when they involve children.

Two young girls ages 13 and 11 were hurt when they were walking across the street and got hit by a pickup truck. They were walking to the bus stop in the morning to go to school. According to the accident investigation, the 65-year-old truck driver might have had his view affected by the sun. The 13-year-old suffered a broken leg and is hospitalized. The 11-year-old is also hospitalized and is in critical condition with a head injury.

With a traumatic brain injury, there are numerous factors that must be considered. The person who suffered the brain trauma will likely be hospitalized for an extended period of time as he or she recovers. But recovering from a traumatic brain injury isn’t like healing a broken bone. The brain is such an important aspect of functioning normally that an injury can affect a person’s life forever. The family will have to help care for the injured person. There might be rehabilitation costs and professional care. Even then, the person might not be able to work or care for him or herself. Knowing how to move forward with litigation can be the key to receiving adequate compensation.

As this shows, traumatic brain injuries are very serious. Considering the possible problems that could follow a traumatic brain injury, it’s important that the victim is informed on how to pursue compensation. With professional help, victims and their families may gain an understanding of their legal options.

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