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Knowing how to handle anesthesia errors

| Oct 10, 2014 | Anesthesia & Medication Errors

When a person in Boston has a surgical procedure and needs to be placed under an anesthetic, there are obvious concerns for that person and his or her family. Combined with the fears of surgery – no matter how minor – the idea of being put under anesthetic can elicit the terror of never waking up again. In most instances, the anesthesiologist is conscientious and makes certain that there are no mistakes that could hurt someone or cost a life. These incidents do happen, though. When they do, it’s important that the injured party or the family left behind due to an untimely death knows how to move forward with litigation.

When anesthesia is administered, it must be given in the correct amount. A dosage mistake can be disastrous. There are various types of anesthesia negligence and it’s important that the victims know how to recognize it. For example, spinal anesthesia is given in a delicate area to the patient’s body. If there is any form of anesthesia negligence on the part of the anesthesiologist or any member of the surgical team, it can result in paralysis.

Patients might have allergies that cause a reaction to the anesthetic. If the doctor and anesthesiologist didn’t perform their due diligence and make certain that this wouldn’t happen, then the patient can be injured or killed. A person who is placed under anesthesia sometimes doesn’t get enough oxygen to the brain. This can cause a whole host of problems from brain damage to death. If a pregnant woman is giving birth and given anesthesia during the delivery, that can damage both the mother and baby.

A common problem with anesthesia errors is that the patient and the patient’s family might not even have been aware that a mistake has been made. When there is suspicion that something is just not right with the way the surgery went and there were complications that are not consistent with how the procedure was expected to go, it’s important that questions are asked and an investigation is held. Discussing the matter with an attorney who is experienced with the theoretical and practical issues of anesthesia can provide information to an injured party.


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