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Man’s symptoms ignored by negligent physician at VA

| Oct 8, 2014 | Failure To Diagnose & Misdiagnosis

When a veteran serves his or her country, the one thing they should be able to expect is to receive quality medical treatment from the Veterans Administration hospital in their area when they return home. This is something that can affect everyone who served and begins to feel ill or suffers from the aftereffects of having been in combat. Whether the person is from Boston or anywhere else in the United States, a negligent physician can do a tremendous amount of damage with a misdiagnosis. This can lead to delayed treatment, worsened condition and even death.

A 29-year-old veteran and his family allege that poor care from the VA delayed treatment for an issue with his leg that involves swelling, blood clots and masses. After visiting the doctor complaining of groin pain, it was dismissed as a muscle problem. No tests were done to see if there was anything more serious. The man continued to struggle and visited the emergency room. Still, nothing was done. He was sent to a VA hospital in another state where the doctors suspect that he may have cancer. The claims on the part of the man and his family are currently being investigated.

When there is a possibility of cancer or some other potentially dangerous disease, the most important factor may be catching it early. If medical care is sought and a negligent physician dismisses the claims or doesn’t adequately follow up with tests to see if something is truly amiss, the aftermath can be blamed on the doctor and medical staff. If a person has grown sicker or a family has lost a loved one because of such a mistake, there could be significant expenses as a result. It’s important that those who were affected know how to move forward with litigation to be compensated.

In this case, the man is being treated by doctors out of his state because he didn’t get the proper care when he first exhibited symptoms and looked for help. Doctors have yet to fully diagnose what is wrong, but they suspect it is cancer. It’s important for him and his family that they discuss the matter with a legal professional experienced in misdiagnosis.

Source: The Elkhart Truth, “Goshen veteran Erik Olson received poor care at local VA clinic, family says,” Sarah Duis, Oct. 3, 2014


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