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November 2014 Archives

What is Erb's palsy and how does it develop?

When people in Boston and throughout the nation are having a baby, it is one of the most exciting and joyous moments of their lives. Along with the enthusiasm, there is often a fear that something will go wrong with the delivery process to cause birth injuries. These injuries can sometimes lead to an issue known as Erb's palsy. This condition frequently results from brachial plexus injuries. If the cause of the brachial plexus injury is because of a mistake on the part of the doctor, it's important that the parents are aware of how and why it happened.

Causes, description, treatment and prognosis of coma

When a person in Boston suffers a traumatic brain injury, there are numerous problems that can arise. One in particular is that the injured person falls into a coma. The mere word "coma" can strike fear into family members because its connotation indicates the possibility of extended problems, long-term care and death sooner rather than later. Since coma often happens when a person has been the victim of a head injury, it's important to know details describing it, treating it and what the prognosis over the long and short term might be.

Anesthesia errors found in death of famed performer

Anesthesia errors can affect patients undergoing procedures in Boston as well as across the entire nation. These mistakes don't discriminate and can even happen to rich, prominent and famous people who are being treated for a variety of issues. When there is an anesthesia error, the aftereffects of the mistake can lead to long-term health issues and, in certain cases, fatalities. Those who have been affected or had a family member hurt or who died need to understand what they must do to have the case investigated and file for litigation.

Child suffers missed diagnosis of invasive tumor

Nothing is worse than a sick child. In Boston and throughout the country, a child's illness is only made worse when there is delayed treatment because of an incorrect diagnosis. When there is a missed diagnosis, whether it's of cancer or another medical issue, there are numerous problems that can arise and deprive the individual of being treated and possibly cured.

Woman's death attributed to prescription medication errors

Receiving medical care in Boston and throughout the country is meant to assuage fears, solve problems and nurse people back to health. While most doctors, anesthesiologists and pharmacists are conscientious about their work, there are still mistakes that occur and cause injury or death in patients. When being placed under anesthesia, people are often worried about anesthesiologist negligence. When they are given a prescription, they might not consider the possibility of a negligent pharmacist or doctor giving them the wrong drug with prescription medication errors. But these issues do happen and they can have life-changing consequences.

What are the signs of having suffered a traumatic brain injury?

When people in Boston suffer from head trauma, there can be severe problems that can affect their lives in a substantial way. For those who have suffered this kind of injury, they need to understand what they should look for in terms of symptoms to ensure they're not ignored and greater damage is not done due to a lack of timely treatment. Knowing what signs are often present with there is a traumatic brain injury can save a person's life or prevent extensive brain damage.

Investigation shows spate of prescription medication errors

Prescription medication errors can affect people and their families in Boston and across the entire country. There are many reasons why a wrong drug can be administered and they can have various consequences ranging from the innocuous to fatal. While most associate the most dangerous and life-threatening mistakes with anesthesia error, prescription medication errors can be as damaging and deadly. There are numerous reasons for this to happen from a negligent pharmacist to a doctor's mistake.

Pedestrian suffers head injury when hit by car

When there is an accident in Boston, there are numerous consequences that can result from it. It can be a car crash, an accident at work or a simple matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. All can cause severe injury and lead to massive medical expenses and the need for long-term care. This is especially true if the accident involves a head injury.

Failure to diagnose cancer can lead to serious challenges

When people in Massachusetts and all over the country seek treatment for a medical problem, they are expecting to have the issue diagnosed accurately and resolved properly. However, the failure to diagnose cancer and other diseases is a prevalent problem that is happening more frequently than other medical errors either during surgery or because of drug mix-ups. There are often errors in diagnosing a patient's medical problem leading to delayed treatment, worsened condition and spread of disease. In many instances, these mistakes are fatal.