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Anesthesia errors found in death of famed performer

| Nov 21, 2014 | Anesthesia & Medication Errors

Anesthesia errors can affect patients undergoing procedures in Boston as well as across the entire nation. These mistakes don’t discriminate and can even happen to rich, prominent and famous people who are being treated for a variety of issues. When there is an anesthesia error, the aftereffects of the mistake can lead to long-term health issues and, in certain cases, fatalities. Those who have been affected or had a family member hurt or who died need to understand what they must do to have the case investigated and file for litigation.

The investigation into the death of comedian, actress and fashion businesswoman Joan Rivers is revealing shocking mistakes that were made when she had the medical procedure. These mistakes ultimately resulted in her unexpected death. The medical professionals on hand didn’t intervene when her vital signs deteriorated. Unauthorized people were allowed in the operating theater while the procedure was being done. A gastroenterologist was supposed to handle the procedure, but an ear, nose and throat specialist was also present and took over. This doctor began performing procedures that had not been scheduled. In addition, the anesthesiologist was found to have made a dosage mistake with Ms. Rivers. The numerous mistakes are believed to have led to her cardiac arrest and eventual death.

When a person is going to have a surgical procedure, there’s an inherent trust placed in the medical professionals. Since severe injuries and death can result from even the smallest dosage mistake, a negligent physician can cost a person his or her life. There can be reactions to medicine, an error made in the combination of drugs administered, paralysis and numerous other problems that can crop up. If a person is hurt, there could be astronomical medical bills and the need for long-term care. With a death, a family will be deprived of a loved one. Knowing how to pursue litigation is one of the most important factors in the aftermath of a mistake.

In the case of Ms. Rivers, the investigation is revealing a large number of egregious mistakes that were made from start to finish. While not everyone who is hurt by a negligent physician and anesthesia negligence will be in the news every day as the situation is examined, all deserve justice. Contacting and discussing the matter with a legal professional experienced in anesthesia errors may be a wise decision.

Source: New York Daily News, “Clinic where Joan Rivers went into cardiac arrest ‘failed to identify deteriorating vital signs,’ feds say,” Bill Hutchinson, Nov. 11, 2014


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