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Child suffers missed diagnosis of invasive tumor

| Nov 19, 2014 | Failure To Diagnose & Misdiagnosis

Nothing is worse than a sick child. In Boston and throughout the country, a child’s illness is only made worse when there is delayed treatment because of an incorrect diagnosis. When there is a missed diagnosis, whether it’s of cancer or another medical issue, there are numerous problems that can arise and deprive the individual of being treated and possibly cured.

Recently, a young girl was suffering from the symptoms of a cold that continued to worsen. The child was taken to a pediatrician and a doctor specializing in allergies, but her illness continued. The 8-year-old’s face looked odd to her parents and the doctor stated that one of her nostrils was blocked. Shortly thereafter, the child’s teeth began to take a crooked appearance and she said she was in pain. She was misdiagnosed until her parents were told that she had a tumor. As she prepared for surgery and chemotherapy, her parents were fearful. The day she was supposed to have surgery, a doctor told her parents that a biopsy indicated that he didn’t believe she had cancer. She no longer needed chemotherapy, but had surgery to remove the non-cancerous tumor. The child had surgery and is now back on the road to health.

To fail to detect cancer can result in a person growing far sicker and even dying. While doctors don’t intentionally make this level of mistake and won’t want to be guilty of a failure to diagnose cancer, that doesn’t change the devastating aftereffects of a failed or misdiagnosed cancer. When there are symptoms that a person exhibits and a doctor doesn’t perform the correct tests, it can end up costing a patient his or her life. If the cancer is one that can be treated effectively, a mistake in diagnosing it can lead to its spread and an unnecessary death.

While this case ended happily with the child treated and apparently cured, that doesn’t alter the fact that the doctors continually misdiagnosed her health problem and were about to give her chemotherapy before the truth was discovered. Other people are not so fortunate. When there is delayed treatment due to misdiagnosed cancer, those who were victimized may want to consult with a legal professional.

Source:, “Rehoboth girl battles pediatric cancer,” Molly MacMillan, Nov. 15, 2014


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