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What are the signs of having suffered a traumatic brain injury?

| Nov 14, 2014 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

When people in Boston suffer from head trauma, there can be severe problems that can affect their lives in a substantial way. For those who have suffered this kind of injury, they need to understand what they should look for in terms of symptoms to ensure they’re not ignored and greater damage is not done due to a lack of timely treatment. Knowing what signs are often present with there is a traumatic brain injury can save a person’s life or prevent extensive brain damage.

Depending on the seriousness of the blow to the head, the results will vary. If it is a brain injury that is classified as “moderate,” the individual who was hurt might lose consciousness for between 20 minutes and six hours. For a brain injury to be considered “severe,” the person will lose consciousness for more than six hours. How such a head injury will impact a person depends on how severe the injury is,how much functionality was diminished, how complete the psychological recovery is,what resources the person has to help him or her recover,how much the lack of function affects the injured person and the areas of function that weren’t influenced by traumatic brain injury.

People who suffer a moderate to severe brain injury might experience difficulty maintaining concentration, trouble paying attention and memory loss. They might be distracted, confused, have trouble persevering, behave impulsively and have issues processing language. They might slur their words and speak quickly or slowly.They might also have trouble comprehending the spoken word, speaking and being understood. There could be issues with writing and reading. Mood and sleep patterns can be interrupted as well as pain, emotionality, depression and problems linked to these factors. In addition, issues with senses — hearing, sight, smell and taste — could occur.

For those who have had a traumatic brain injury or simply experienced a blow to the head, knowing these symptoms can mean the difference between an extended problem due to the aftereffects of the injury and a return to normalcy. Families who have to care for a person with brain trauma may find their lives altered both financially and personally. There can be massive medical expenses. Knowing the statistics of traumatic brain injury can bring the point home even further. When this level of injury happens, discussing the matter with a legal professional may be a wise decision.

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