Receiving medical care in Boston and throughout the country is meant to assuage fears, solve problems and nurse people back to health. While most doctors, anesthesiologists and pharmacists are conscientious about their work, there are still mistakes that occur and cause injury or death in patients. When being placed under anesthesia, people are often worried about anesthesiologist negligence. When they are given a prescription, they might not consider the possibility of a negligent pharmacist or doctor giving them the wrong drug with prescription medication errors. But these issues do happen and they can have life-changing consequences.

A woman is alleging that her 90-year-old mother died after she was the victim of prescription medication errors. She was being treated for heart arrhythmia and was taking generic diltiazem. The daughter states that the prescription label said that one tablet was to be taken four times per day. The woman was given the medication until she became unresponsive three days later. The daughter then realized that there was a difference between what the label on the bottle said and what the preprinted label. The preprinted label said it was only to be taken once per day. The woman died two weeks later. The autopsy found that the woman had died of diltiazem intoxication and it was because of a pharmacy mistake.

Since medication can have such adverse reactions if the wrong drug in its wrong amount is given, it’s important that those who might have been harmed by medication errors know how to recognize a mistake. These medication errors can cause injury that might lead to a long hospital stay and massive medical costs. They can even lead to death. It’s possible that victims won’t be able to work or function as they did before.

Whether it’s an anesthesia or a medication mistake, it’s imperative that those who were hurt know what to do to be compensated. If there is the suspicion of a wrong drug incident causing injury or death, those who were affected may want to research their legal options.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Woman Says Glendale Pharmacist’s Mistake Led To Mother’s Death,” Nov. 7, 2014