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December 2014 Archives

The problem of failure to diagnose in Massachusetts

People in Massachusetts and across the country who are having a health problem that necessitates a trip to the doctor harbor a natural expectation that they will receive the care they need. That includes the proper diagnosis being made. However, a medical degree is not a guarantee that the doctors and medical professionals who are handling the case will make the right diagnosis. In some instances, this is innocuous and no damage is done. In others, the failure to diagnose cancer can lead to delayed treatment, worsened condition and even death.

Understanding the dangers of Massachusetts birth injuries

When people in Boston are preparing for the joyous event of having a baby, their main focus is on the future and pending happiness. The last thing they want to consider is the possibility of birth injuries. Not only can these injuries leave a child in need of care or treatment, it will also affect the parents personally and financially. Some of these injuries can be treated through surgery or other means. Some leave the child in need of extensive long-term care.

Woman files lawsuit for traumatic brain injury

While people in Boston might not be worried about being hurt when they are performing seemingly innocuous and safe actions, there is always the possibility of danger lurking around every corner. An injury can happen without warning and cause extensive damage. There can be broken bones, torn ligaments and injuries that require stitches. In a worst case scenario, short of fatality, a head injury with brain trauma can also result. This level of injury can affect a person for an extended period, if not for the rest of their lives.

Moving forward after a surgical error

When patients in Massachusetts are told they need to have a surgical procedure done, they're placing their trust in the medical professionals who will oversee the procedure. Any kind of surgical procedure carries danger. A serious medical issue that can unfortunately sometimes arise is a surgeon mistake that can result in injury or even death.

Survey shows serious injury for medical mistakes still a problem

A concern of some who are being treated by medical professionals in Massachusetts may be that a physician will make a mistake and cause serious injury or death. While the medical profession has been more cognizant of the problem and tried to take steps to reduce the number of mistakes, a survey indicates that a number of state residents have had this happen to them or to someone they were close to.

Careless surgeon removes wrong kidney from patient

In Massachusetts and across the United States, a common fear for people preparing to undergo surgery for any reason is that a careless surgeon will make a life-changing mistake. In some instances, these surgical errors cost the patient his or her life. While it's not an expected occurrence and happens relatively rarely, it does happen. Those who have been harmed by this type of mistake need to know what to do after it happens.

Woman dies after hospital gives her the wrong drug

Patients in Boston and across the country must always be aware of the potential of being given the wrong drug when given a prescription or undergoing a medical procedure. While medical professionals are expected to take precautions that the right medications in accurate amounts will be given to the patients, there is always the potential of medication errors. There's an inherent trust that a patient gives to a doctor and medical staff. If there is an anesthesia error or administering an incorrect drug, it is a betrayal that can result in terrible consequences including a fatality.

Comedian and actor struggles to recover from brain trauma

The words "traumatic brain injury" don't really hit home for people in Boston or throughout the nation until a loved one or a familiar face suffers one. Only then do the ramifications of how difficult it can be to recover from brain trauma become clear. An injury of this kind can have a major influence on a person's life and the life of his or her family. They might not be able to return to normal and could require intensive therapy to recover some level of functionality.

Tactics to avoid surgical errors and what to do if they happen

When a surgical procedure is necessary, a common fear for people in Boston and throughout the nation is that there will be a mistake made. Surgical errors that can lead to serious injury and even death are too common. The statistics for the number of incidents in which there are surgical errors is disturbingly high. Nevertheless, there are steps that patients can take beforehand to try and ensure that their procedure will be as safe as possible.