The words “traumatic brain injury” don’t really hit home for people in Boston or throughout the nation until a loved one or a familiar face suffers one. Only then do the ramifications of how difficult it can be to recover from brain trauma become clear. An injury of this kind can have a major influence on a person’s life and the life of his or her family. They might not be able to return to normal and could require intensive therapy to recover some level of functionality.

The actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is trying to return to normal after suffering serious injuries in a car crash. The accident occurred when a truck delivering goods for Walmart crashed into the back of the limousine in which Mr. Morgan was a passenger. According to his attorney, the brain trauma he suffered in the crash is still affecting him even as he tries to recover. Mr. Morgan was released from rehabilitation in July, but he’s had to cancel comedy appearances and a planned television program.

With any kind of injury, there are likely to be medical costs and treatment needed. With issues such as broken bones or cuts and scrapes, there is some definition as to the plan to get back to full fitness. With a traumatic brain injury, it’s often impossible to know what the injured person will be able to accomplish in the future. In some instances, the person will have permanent disability and require care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, putting a personal and financial strain on the individual and his or her family. There will be a loss of income potential. The brain is so important to normal functioning that even a small injury can be serious.

In the case of Mr. Morgan, a lawsuit has been filed against Walmart for the actions of its employee. Mr. Morgan’s attorney and family are trying to help him recover from his injuries but, without going into specific details as to how the brain trauma has harmed him, they’re saying his recovery is going slowly. Regardless of whether this happens to someone famous or a normal workaday person, the first step that should be taken is to discuss the matter with a legal professional experienced in pursuing compensation for traumatic brain injury.

Source: The Boston Herald, “Tracy Morgan still struggling to recover, battling ‘traumatic brain injury,'” Alex Stedman, Nov. 19, 2014