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Moving forward after a surgical error

| Dec 19, 2014 | Surgical Errors

When patients in Massachusetts are told they need to have a surgical procedure done, they’re placing their trust in the medical professionals who will oversee the procedure. Any kind of surgical procedure carries danger. A serious medical issue that can unfortunately sometimes arise is a surgeon mistake that can result in injury or even death.

Some mistakes that surgeons make in surgery have to do with an egregious error such as leaving surgical equipment left inside a patient. This can be very dangerous as a piece of equipment remaining in the body can cause pain, infection and make it necessary to have another procedure to remove it. Another mistake that can happen is if a doctor commits wrong-site surgery. While the medical records and surgical plan should make clear what body part is to be operated on, a doctor might not pay as strict attention as he or she should. It’s possible that another medical professional failed to conduct the proper tests or give the surgeon the information necessary.

When there is a surgeon mistake, it’s likely that there will be an increase in the time the patient has to spend in the hospital leading to greater costs. If there is a fatality, the family left behind will be without a loved one. With an error made in the operating room, it is possible that the death only occurred because of the mistake and the person would otherwise have survived and thrived. Surgical mistakes can happen in any kind of procedure including plastic surgery, gastric bypass, when delivering a baby, orthopedics and more.

Given the inherent dangers when having surgery, the last thing a patient and his or her family needs is for the doctor to make a mistake that leads to illness, injury and death. When these dangerous and sometimes tragic situations occur, it can be important to have proper legal representation for the path going forward.

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