When people in Boston are preparing for the joyous event of having a baby, their main focus is on the future and pending happiness. The last thing they want to consider is the possibility of birth injuries. Not only can these injuries leave a child in need of care or treatment, it will also affect the parents personally and financially. Some of these injuries can be treated through surgery or other means. Some leave the child in need of extensive long-term care.

One of the ways in which injuries can happen to the baby, as well as the mother during the delivery process is through an extractor injury. It is important that the parents understand the dangers that can arise from the use of an extractor. Mothers can suffer from various issues due to the use of an extractor. There can be pain in the area between the vagina and anus post-delivery. There can be wounds and tears to the lower genital tract. The mother might experience issues with urinating and incontinence. Anemia can occur because of blood loss during the delivery process. The muscles and surrounding ligaments of the pelvic area can prolapse.

The baby can also suffer injuries. These are more frightening and can be more dangerous. The infant can suffer from wounds to the scalp. Brachial plexus is known to occur — this is when the nerves that affect the movement of the hand, arm and shoulder are affected by damage to the spine. The collarbone can be fractured as can the skill. There might be bleeding in the skull.

Doctors are trusted with the most important moment in the lives of expectant parents. When there is a mistake made in any way, it is important that the parents know what happened and why. Extractor injury can place both the mother and child in jeopardy. Discussing the matter with a legal professional experienced in pursuing litigation for birth injuries is a method that parents can use to be compensated for the mistakes via a birth injury case.

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