While people in Boston might not be worried about being hurt when they are performing seemingly innocuous and safe actions, there is always the possibility of danger lurking around every corner. An injury can happen without warning and cause extensive damage. There can be broken bones, torn ligaments and injuries that require stitches. In a worst case scenario, short of fatality, a head injury with brain trauma can also result. This level of injury can affect a person for an extended period, if not for the rest of their lives.

A 22-year-old woman is alleging that injuries she suffered when she fell down an elevator shaft at Fenway Park left her with multiple injuries to her spine, face, teeth and brain trauma. She filed a lawsuit to receive accident compensation for the apparent negligence. According to her lawsuit, she brushed up against an elevator in the famed ballpark and the door opened. As a result, she fell into the shaft and plummeted two stories, suffering injuries. Representatives for the Boston Red Sox have not commented on this case.

When there is an accident of any kind, there is the possibility that there will be severe injuries suffered by the victims. When there is a head injury, the aftermath can be more muddled as the symptoms are often hard to pinpoint and people often do not believe they have been hurt because the injuries are not obvious to the naked eye.

However, brain trauma can influence the victim in a myriad of ways with the need for medical care and the accompanying expenses, rehabilitation and the inability to return to work in a timely fashion, if at all. This kind of injury can leave a person with the need for round-the-clock care and stretch the family to its personal and financial limits. Insurers might only cover a portion of the costs making it necessary to file litigation.

In this incident, the woman asserts that she did nothing more than brush up against an elevator at Fenway Park only to have it open and send her falling into the shaft. She claims that she suffered multiple injuries and has filed a lawsuit. With any case involving a head injury, it is important that the injured person take steps to protect him or herself by discussing the matter with a legal professional experienced in cases involving brain trauma.

Source: NECN, “Woman Sues After Falling Down Fenway Elevator Shaft,” Dec. 18, 2014