People in Middlesex County who put the health of themselves and their loved ones in the hands of medical professionals expect that the professionals will take the utmost care with prescription medication. However, that doesn’t mean that mistakes won’t be made. Some of these mistakes may be understandable, but many are simply careless. Some may lead to serious injury.

One type of error that should never happen is prescription errors because of a doctor’s handwriting. Yet these errors happen more often than many people might think.

Whatever the reason, when a patient receives the wrong medication or the wrong dosage, it can lead to serious injury. It may also mean that the patient’s underlying condition gets worse when treatment should have made it better.

A doctor who writes sloppily might not be viewed in the same light as a negligent physician who makes mistakes during surgery, but both types of errors can lead to injury or even death. Medication mistakes can cause such serious problems as paralysis or brain damage. These effects can mean the patient will require long-term care. This can be a hardship on the individual and his or her family personally and financially.

When there is a mistake with a medication for any reason, it’s imperative that those who were affected have the resources to deal with any injuries that occurred as a result. It’s important for the injured and their families to know what they have to do to be compensated. Discussing the matter with a legal professional experienced in pursuing cases due to a negligent physician can help.