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MA woman files suit after missed diagnosis

| Jan 7, 2015 | Failure To Diagnose & Misdiagnosis

A nightmare scenario for people in Boston and across the country who go to a medical professional or emergency room exhibiting symptoms is to be misdiagnosed. When there is a mistake or a missed diagnosis, the patient can be subject to delayed treatment and worsened condition. Many associate this type of incident with various cancers, but the spread of disease is not the only issue that a patient can face. There are other aftereffects if a misdiagnosis is made regardless of the issue the person is suffering from.

A 59-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit after all of her limbs were amputated because doctors failed to diagnose an infection in her uterus. The woman states that she went to the hospital emergency room three times, suffering from severe pain in her pelvis. When she went to the hospital for the third time in March 2012, she was on the verge of being released when she was found unconscious and incoherent on a stretcher. Her skin was cold when touched. The infection was found, but the woman had organ failure and sepsis. Poor blood flow resulted in gangrene in her arms and legs. All were amputated.

When there is any missed diagnosis and it is believed to have been caused by a negligent physician, the aftermath can change a person’s life forever. When there is a delayed treatment, the person can suffer far more than they needed to even if they were able to recover relatively well. In the worst case, the person will lose their ability to function normally or might even die. There can be massive medical costs for treatment and care, funeral costs if there is a fatality and the family left behind might not know how they are going to function financially without the decedent. If this occurs, those who were harmed need to know how to pursue litigation.

Many diseases can be misdiagnosed and cause long-term damage. When there is an issue that should have been detected by medical professionals and missed, it can lead to a situation like this case or even worse. When there has been an issue with a suspected negligent physician, the person who was affected and his or her family should contact and discuss the case with a qualified and experienced legal professional.

Source: The Washington Post, “Baltimore woman sues hospital over amputated limbs,” Dec. 30, 2014


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