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Wrong drug in saline solution apparently given to patients

| Jan 26, 2015 | Anesthesia & Medication Errors

In Newton and across the nation, medical treatment that involves being given medication, placed under anesthesia and undergoing surgery is always a danger to the patient. There’s a vast amount of trust placed in medical professionals when there is any kind of treatment being given. This is why a wrong drug, anesthesia error or a fatal medication error is not just an egregious mistake, it can be seen as a betrayal of everything a medical professional is supposed to be. These mistakes can lead to long-term injuries and death.

One problem with medical professionals is that their training can sometimes interfere with actual care. A company that provides saline solution and distilled water issued a recall of their product after people began getting sick from its use. At the latest report, 17 people had grown sick and one died after the solution was dispensed. It is yet to be known whether this was the cause. The problem has reached seven different states; the solution was meant for “clinical simulation.” It was shipped in 2014.

The case is under investigation by the F.D.A. Approximately 50 clinics received the solution. The company makes the product for teaching purposes and it is believed to have been sent to a location where it was used on patients in error.

Medication is meant to be given in its proper dosage. When a doctor or medical staff is guilty of administering an incorrect drug, the results can be damaging or even fatal. Those who are affected can have a longer stay in the hospital, increased medical costs and worse. In the extreme cases, there can be a fatality. When there are medication errors, it’s imperative that the case be investigated as soon as possible so the evidence is accrued and it is understood what happened. This can help those who have been damaged to file litigation.

In this case, a saline and water solution that was believed to have been meant for training medical professionals may have wound up being used on actual patients, injuring many and possibly killing one. Given the potential for widespread damage caused by this mistake, those who have been hurt or believe they might have been affected need to discuss the matter with a legal professional as soon as possible.

Source: New York Times, “F.D.A. Begins Inquiry After Death and Illnesses From Saline Bags Meant for Training,” Sabrina Tavernise, Jan. 15, 2015


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