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February 2015 Archives

Concerns over birth injuries during Newton C-sections

In some Newton births, there are reasons why the medical staff will decide upon a Cesarean section. While the procedure is common, there are still dangers with it to both the mother and the child. In some cases, the decision to have the procedure is elective. In others, the medical staff feels it is necessary. The commonness of the procedure does not eliminate all dangers of birth injuries and damage to the mother. It is imperative that parents understand the potential risks of a C-section during the delivery process.

Facts about amnesia after brain trauma

When a person in Newton suffers a head injury, there is a risk that the injury will be severe enough to cause brain trauma. There are many aftereffects of brain trauma that can have a negative impact on both the individual and the family. One such issue is amnesia. Understanding the facts about post-traumatic amnesia can help those who are affected by it or believe they might be affected by it to have a grasp on its seriousness, how to recognize it and treat it.

Delayed treatment of MA breast cancer increases fatality risk

When it comes to a person in Newton and throughout the U.S. facing breast cancer, the detection of the disease and start of treatment are keys to whether or not the patient will have a better chance of survival. When it is due to a negligent physician and a failure to diagnose cancer resulting in the delayed treatment, there is a missed opportunity for the patient and the patient's family to try and seek treatment and an extended life. A study from Ohio State University designed to determine the importance of faster treatment showed that those who waited were more at risk of an earlier death.

Investigation delves into MA prescription medication errors

When a person in Massachusetts needs to have a prescription for a medical issue, there is an implied trust that the doctor and pharmacy will provide the right medicine in its proper dose. Much like an anesthesia error, prescription medication errors can be dangerous and even deadly for a variety of reasons. Whether it is because of a doctor's mistake, a negligent pharmacist or the way the pharmacy conducts business, those who have been affected by a wrong medication or a dangerous combination of prescriptions need to understand what to do if there was a mistake and it caused more medical issues to the victim.

Legal assistance for Newton surgical errors

When a person in Newton need to undergo an organ transplant, there are many worries that the individual and his or her family will have as the need becomes more urgent. It is often necessary to wait for a suitable donor to be found. There are waiting lists that have to be dealt with, even if a suitable donor is found. Not all transplants work as planned, and there are extended health problems hoping that the patient's body will accept the new organ and begin functioning normally.

Spotting symptoms of Newton birth injuries at various ages

When a baby is born in Newton, the parents will undoubtedly be cognizant that everything appears normal with the child, whether the delivery process was difficult or not. It is one of the worst case scenarios if birth injuries occur, and parents might feel a semblance of relief if they were concerned and the baby appears to be perfectly functional. However, some issues take time to manifest themselves. It is not always obvious that the child is suffering from a disability, condition or disorder. Parents need to know how to recognize possible problems at various ages.

Birth injuries: what are dangers of Newton shoulder dystocia?

Families in Newton and across the state are inevitably excited when they are expecting a child. While the blessed event is a foundational moment in the lives of families, one of the fears that is often unexpressed and unexpected is if there is an incident during the delivery process that injures the baby. Unfortunately, these do happen, leading to the number of times a birth injury case is filed. One particular injury that happens in certain circumstances during the delivery process is shoulder dystocia.

Study shows the dangers of Newton misdiagnosis

One of the worst things that can happen when a person in Newton goes to the doctor for treatment is to be subject to a misdiagnosis or a failure to timely diagnose. According to a recent study, these issues happen far too frequently. While in many instances, no damage is done because of these mistakes, there are times when it can lead to a person becoming more ill, suffering from the spread of disease and perhaps dying when it was not necessary.