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Concerns over birth injuries during Newton C-sections

| Feb 27, 2015 | Birth Injuries

In some Newton births, there are reasons why the medical staff will decide upon a Cesarean section. While the procedure is common, there are still dangers with it to both the mother and the child. In some cases, the decision to have the procedure is elective. In others, the medical staff feels it is necessary. The commonness of the procedure does not eliminate all dangers of birth injuries and damage to the mother. It is imperative that parents understand the potential risks of a C-section during the delivery process.

It can take a longer time for the mother to recover from the C-section than from a normal birth. There are dangers to the newborn when this procedure is done. The baby might experience breathing problems. It has been found that a baby born via C-section is more likely to have what is known as transient tachypnea. This is when the baby breathes abnormally fast in the first days after he or she was born.

The risk for other breathing issues can be raised if the C-section was performed before the pregnancy has reached 39 weeks in duration or if the baby’s lungs have not matured sufficiently. The lack of sufficient maturity of the lungs could result in respiratory distress making it hard for the child to breathe. When the surgery is being performed, the baby might be injured. This is relatively rare, but if a baby is cut during the C-section, it can cause damage ranging from small to severe.

There are also known dangers that can place the health of the mother in jeopardy. This includes: an increased danger of excessive bleeding; negative reactions to the anesthetic; blood clots; infections in the site of the wound; and injury during surgery; and greater danger for complications if there are subsequent pregnancies. While the idea behind a C-section is generally based on solid foundation, there are issues that can negatively affect the mother and child. If there are injuries during a C-section, it is possible that there will be the basis for a birth injury case. To learn whether or not a case is possible, a Newton legal professional can help.

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