When a person in Newton need to undergo an organ transplant, there are many worries that the individual and his or her family will have as the need becomes more urgent. It is often necessary to wait for a suitable donor to be found. There are waiting lists that have to be dealt with, even if a suitable donor is found. Not all transplants work as planned, and there are extended health problems hoping that the patient’s body will accept the new organ and begin functioning normally.

These surgical procedures can be highly expensive and time consuming with it in question as to whether the patient will revert to any semblance of normalcy. These issues do not account for the possibility that a medical professional or someone involved with the procurement of the organs might make costly — even fatal — errors. With any surgical procedure, adhering to the necessary protocols can mean the difference between life and death. Surgeons and hospitals should have safeguards to ensure that there is not a worsened condition or death because of a mistake made during the transplant. That, however, does not mean they do not happen.

A negligent operating room staff or careless surgeon can cause the death of a patient. Improper organ transplant is an egregious error that should never happen. There are certain mistakes that are almost understandable when a surgical procedure is done. They can be a matter of circumstances and bad luck. Others are simply mistakes made because of negligence and ineptitude. Those who are leaving a loved one’s life in the hands of a medical professional are doing so under the belief that every safety procedure will be checked and double-checked to avoid a mistake. If it does not happen, they have a right to seek compensation.

In a worst case scenario, a patient will die because of an improper organ transplant. Even if he or she survives, it will likely be necessary to retry an organ transplant to get it right. Bodily rejection of an organ that was right for the patient is one thing. The wrong organ given to the wrong patient is something else again. Those who believe they have been harmed by this level of mistake should discuss their case with a legal professional who specializes in medical mistakes.