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Spotting symptoms of Newton birth injuries at various ages

| Feb 11, 2015 | Birth Injuries

When a baby is born in Newton, the parents will undoubtedly be cognizant that everything appears normal with the child, whether the delivery process was difficult or not. It is one of the worst case scenarios if birth injuries occur, and parents might feel a semblance of relief if they were concerned and the baby appears to be perfectly functional. However, some issues take time to manifest themselves. It is not always obvious that the child is suffering from a disability, condition or disorder. Parents need to know how to recognize possible problems at various ages.

The signs of cerebral palsy can vary depending on the child and its severity. The issue might be mild or more serious. One of the most common ways in which a child is found to have cerebral palsy is if there are delays in the development, alternatively referred to as milestones. Children are usually able to do certain things at known age ranges. If the child is under six months of age, his or her head might fall back when picked up, the child might be floppy and stiff, the child might not want to be held and push away and the legs can become stiff when he or she is picked up.

At older than six months, the child will not roll over, is unable to bring the hands together, shows difficulty in bringing the hands to the mouth and reaches out with a single hand, while the other hand is kept in a fist. When the child is over 10 months old, one hand might be used when crawling as the other hand and a single leg is dragged along. The child might drag him or herself around, rather than crawl normally. If the child is older than one year, there will not be any crawling or standing up sans support.

Parents might not realize that the child has cerebral palsy for a significant amount of time after the birth and that means they were also unaware that a mistake made by the medical staff could have contributed to the issue. There are frequently cases in which a mistake, such as a delayed C-section, causes the child to have cerebral palsy. If there is even a suspicion that the child has cerebral palsy caused by a medical mistake, it is imperative to speak to a legal professional to consider a birth injury case.

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