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March 2015 Archives

Newton breast biopsies and failure to diagnose cancer

For women in Newton and their families, it's a part of life to receive tests to check whether or not they might show signs of breast cancer. Medical professionals universally agree that catching the disease early is often the key between a successful treatment and worsened condition. However, there are often issues with misdiagnosis of cancer leading to delayed treatment and a greater risk of mortality. Understanding the frequency of this issue and why it's necessary to seek other opinions might be part of the battle, but that doesn't assuage a doctor's culpability if a mistake is made and the patient gets sicker or even dies.

Recognizing various forms of Newton traumatic brain injury

People in Newton who suffer a head injury might have an idea about the possibilities of it becoming a traumatic brain injury. Those who are aware of the different forms of traumatic brain injury will have a better chance of responding properly when they happen and seeking proper and necessary treatment.

Legal help for surgical errors during Newton gastric bypass

The weight problem in Newton has led many people to consider getting gastric bypass surgery to try and lose weight. This is generally used by people whose obesity is posing a threat to their long-term survival and quality of life. While the upside is that they will no longer be as hungry and will therefore lose weight by eating less, any surgery carries with it a certain amount of risk. In some instances, the risk isn't the surgical procedure itself, but surgical errors made by a careless surgeon.

What is stillbirth and how does it happen?

The enthusiasm and excitement that expectant parents in Newton feel when preparing for the upcoming birth can rebound into one of the worst experiences of their lives if there is a medical problem with the baby. If that medical problem happened because of a negligent doctor or an error made by the medical staff during the course of the pregnancy, it is made worse because it was an avoidable incident. Stillbirth can be even worse than injuries a baby or mother might have suffered, because the baby will have died before the baby was born.

Alleged fatal medication error kills woman; dentist arrested

People in Newton might see going to the dentist as nothing to be concerned about even when there is going to be a procedure that makes anesthesia necessary. What must be understood is that whenever a person is placed under anesthetic, there is the chance that an anesthesia error can happen leading to serious injury and even death. It could be the most innocuous and simplified procedure that is being done. With anesthetic, comes risk.

What Newton healthcare professionals treat a brain injury?

When a person in Newton suffers brain trauma, there are many concerns that will come to the forefront. After it is clear that the injuries will not be fatal and a recovery is possible, there will need to be treatment. Medical professionals have many specialties and when it comes to a brain injury, it's likely that many professionals will be required. Knowing which healthcare professionals can assist with the issues that accompany a traumatic brain injury is important to know especially since it can affect the medical expenses that can accrue.

Being aware of injuries and death due to a surgeon mistake

Serious injury can result from a surgeon mistake in Newton, across the state of Massachusetts and throughout the United States. Regardless of where these mistakes and surgical errors happen, the overseeing authorities are keeping a watchful eye on doctors and hospitals to call them to task when a surgeon mistake or other form of medical error is made. Those who have been harmed need to understand when there has been an error -- even a fatal surgical error they might not have known happened -- and take steps to seek to be compensated for it.

Worsened condition can result from doctors' failure to refer

People in Newton and throughout the nation who are having a health issue or visit a doctor for a simple checkup trust that the doctor will take the necessary steps to provide follow up care, if it is necessary and will do so in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. When doctors fail to provide care that is up to professional standards, they can fail to diagnose serious problems in a timely fashion. This can lead to delayed treatment, the spread of disease and worsened condition.