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Alleged fatal medication error kills woman; dentist arrested

| Mar 13, 2015 | Anesthesia & Medication Errors

People in Newton might see going to the dentist as nothing to be concerned about even when there is going to be a procedure that makes anesthesia necessary. What must be understood is that whenever a person is placed under anesthetic, there is the chance that an anesthesia error can happen leading to serious injury and even death. It could be the most innocuous and simplified procedure that is being done. With anesthetic, comes risk.

A Connecticut dentist was arrested after a woman’s breathing stopped while he was performing a procedure. She later died. The dentist is 45-years-old and is facing numerous charges for his alleged activities in this case. The 64-year-old patient was receiving a full-mouth extraction in February last year when the dentist didn’t respond to signals that the woman was in distress.

After she died, an investigation was undertaken to determine what happened and disturbing behaviors were found on the part of the dentist. The dental assistants have been quoted as saying that their boss had grown reckless in his procedures trying to make as much money as possible. He is also alleged to have used dangerous procedures for sedation that are not up to proper standards. The investigation into the incident has shown that the woman was high risk and should not have been placed under the anesthetic in an office setting.

While most people believe that anesthetic is completely safe, that is only the case if the person administering the anesthetic knows what the person is doing. Anesthesia errors can cause substantial damage from paralysis to brain damage to death if there is a mistake made with giving it in either dosage or procedurally. Any fatal medication error is a terrible occurrence, but with anesthetic, there’s a level of trust a patient places in the medical professionals that makes it all the more egregious.

Source: CT Now, “Warrant: Enfield Dentist Ignored Warning Signs In Patient Who Later Died,” David Moran, Mar. 5, 2015


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