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Being aware of injuries and death due to a surgeon mistake

| Mar 6, 2015 | Surgical Errors

Serious injury can result from a surgeon mistake in Newton, across the state of Massachusetts and throughout the United States. Regardless of where these mistakes and surgical errors happen, the overseeing authorities are keeping a watchful eye on doctors and hospitals to call them to task when a surgeon mistake or other form of medical error is made. Those who have been harmed need to understand when there has been an error — even a fatal surgical error they might not have known happened — and take steps to seek to be compensated for it.

Ten hospitals in California were fined a total of $700,000 for various errors and safety issues, some of which led to the deaths of patients. Three in particular were cited for injuring patients with overdoses, mistakes when intubating and surgical equipment left inside a patient. Six hospitals received fines of $50,000 while four received fines of $100,000. One patient died after being given nearly 20 doses of three separate painkillers in three hours by family members who were using I.V. at the patient’s bedside to manage pain. This was found to have been the hospital’s responsibility. Another patient who was suffering from colon cancer and had a hernia was found to have pieces of a towel left inside him after a colectomy. These were just a few of the errors that were found and for which the hospitals received fines.

Unfortunately, these mistakes are just a sampling of what happens throughout the country on a daily basis. While most medical professionals take their jobs seriously and do whatever they can to prevent these mistakes, they still happen for a variety of reasons such as failing to adhere to proper procedures and simple carelessness. In some instances, the family of a person who suffered serious injury or died might not even realize that the death was because of a medical error or surgeon mistake. It might never be discovered without an investigation and the possibility of litigation.

In the case of the California hospitals, they were sanctioned for their mistakes. Although, they had to pay large fines, that does not help the families of those who died or the people who were harmed. When there is a mistake like this in Newton or anywhere else in Massachusetts, those who have been affected need to discuss their case with a legal professional experienced in pursuing litigation for medical mistakes.

Source:, “Grisly medical errors, some deadly, lead to $770k in fines for 10 California hospitals,” Anthony Brino, Feb. 16, 2015


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