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Legal help for surgical errors during Newton gastric bypass

| Mar 20, 2015 | Surgical Errors

The weight problem in Newton has led many people to consider getting gastric bypass surgery to try and lose weight. This is generally used by people whose obesity is posing a threat to their long-term survival and quality of life. While the upside is that they will no longer be as hungry and will therefore lose weight by eating less, any surgery carries with it a certain amount of risk. In some instances, the risk isn’t the surgical procedure itself, but surgical errors made by a careless surgeon.

There are numerous methods that medical professionals will use to surgically treat a person who is trying to lose weight. Regardless of which one is used, there are dangers that must be considered. People have suffered infections, blood clots, leaking at the site where the staples were placed, hernias and other problems. Given the competition and the number of doctors who might be looking to perform as many surgeries as possible to maximize their profits, there is the potential for people who are not viable candidates for this surgery to have it and suffer grave consequences as a result. There might be serious injuries or even a fatality.

While the idea behind bariatric surgery is to improve the health of the patient, it is still viewed as an elective procedure. Knowing the various methods that are used can be beneficial with understanding what to look for in terms of complications. For example, a LAP-BAND procedure is adjustable and can be expanded or retracted. If the doctor places the band in the wrong location, makes it too tight, or if there is bleeding after the fact, the patient might need additional surgery or become seriously ill. This is just one example of a mistake by a surgeon that can happen with weight loss surgery.

Those who are considering having this type of procedure done should, of course, do their due diligence. Even when the patient is cautious, that doesn’t eliminate all dangers. In some cases even the most diligent and engaged patients will find themselves injured as a result of a mistake made during weight loss surgery. In any case, if there is a belief that a mistake was made leading to injury or death, it’s imperative to have legal assistance to determine the options for litigation. For more information, please visit our Complications from Gastric Bypass Surgery web page.


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