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What Newton healthcare professionals treat a brain injury?

| Mar 11, 2015 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

When a person in Newton suffers brain trauma, there are many concerns that will come to the forefront. After it is clear that the injuries will not be fatal and a recovery is possible, there will need to be treatment. Medical professionals have many specialties and when it comes to a brain injury, it’s likely that many professionals will be required. Knowing which healthcare professionals can assist with the issues that accompany a traumatic brain injury is important to know especially since it can affect the medical expenses that can accrue.

Physical therapists will provide evaluation as to the physical toll of the injuries and move the patient’s body. Assistance with physical improvement includes rising from and getting back into bed, going to the toilet or getting in a bathtub. They can help with relearning to walk. Occupational therapists help with a patient relearning how to function normally again by performing everyday tasks. These include eating, getting dressed and cleaning oneself. It also includes regaining functionality in other tasks such as driving, managing one’s finances and becoming independent again if it is possible.

Speech and language pathologists will examine a patient for speech issues and issues with expression. That can include speaking, writing and other manners of expression. Rehabilitation is often necessary when a patient has brain trauma. A nurse specializing in rehabilitation can assess what is needed and what experts might need to be called in to treat the patient. Recreational therapists will assist with a patient’s social skills, coordination, cognitive abilities and other factors that come up. This can include various forms of activities such as gardening, sports the person is able to participate in and social functions. Neuropsychologists will pay attention to behaviors, skills and emotions as the patient tries to return to normal.

Given the number of difficulties that can arise after brain trauma, the first priority is survival. After that, the treatment a patient receives can mean the difference between a return to a normal life and needing constant assistance. If the injury occurred in an incident that was the responsibility of another, considering a legal filing with the help of a legal professional experienced in pursuing cases for traumatic brain injury can help with costs and compensation.

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