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April 2015 Archives

Is HIE a serious brain injury for a baby?

Birth injuries can happen for a multitude of reasons with results that can lead to major problems and the need for long-term care. Parents in the Newton area who are expecting a child place their trust in the medical professionals in charge of the birth. When there is a mistake, it's important that they understand how and why it happened. One issue that can happen during birth is hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE).

New tactics to avoid Newton medication errors can still fail

Receiving medication for health issues, large or small, is often an afterthought for many people in the Newton area. People generally trust their doctors to dispense sound advice, an accurate diagnosis, and the correct medications. Unfortunately, prescription medication errors happen frequently and they can cause serious injury and even death. Although new safeguards based on technological advances are increasingly in place, a study has shown that medication errors still happen at an alarming rate.

Misdiagnosed cancer and its dangers for Newton patients

One of the most terrifying words that a person in Newton can hear from a medical professional is "cancer." A medical issue that was of relatively minor concern can turn into fear for one's life or the life of a loved one if the subject is broached. On the same token, when a person is told her or she has cancer and that ends up being misdiagnosed cancer, this too can be damaging. Understanding the frequency of misdiagnosed cancer and how it can happen is an important step in the process of moving forward. That can include seeking compensation for the mistake.

The role of the anesthesiologist and Newton anesthesia errors

When a person in Newton undergoes surgery or any procedure that requires them being placed under anesthetic, there are certain dangers present. Even though many don't like to think about the worst case scenario, anesthesia can be treacherous. If there are anesthesia errors, serious injury and even death can result. One of the first protections a person who is about to go under anesthesia should have is to understand exactly what it is an anesthesiologist does.

Newton brain injury and related statistics

For people in Newton and their loved ones who suffer a head injury, one of the biggest concerns they will have is whether the injury caused brain damage. A brain injury can have numerous symptoms both innocuous and worrisome. In addition, the treatment for a brain injury can lead to massive medical costs and long-term problems that can be difficult, if not impossible to overcome. Understanding the statistics of these injuries - how they happen, why they happen, who's affected, how much they cost - is important when the injury occurs.

Surgical equipment left inside a patient can harm Newton patients

A surgical procedure can be a scary experience for people in Newton. The mere thought of a person putting their life in the hands of another person is terrifying in itself. When the potential of surgical errors is factored in, the worries for the person undergoing the procedure and his or her loved ones can be almost too much to bear.

What are dangers of Newton newborn extractor injury?

Newton parents who are expecting a child will feel the natural excitement of the next phase in their lives. They won't be thinking of potential complications that might arise. Unfortunately, there are frequently problems that might make medical intervention a necessity during birth. One particular instance when this is in evidence is when there is the need to use a vacuum extractor. When vacuum extraction is necessary, there is the possibility of an extractor injury. It's important for parents to know the risks involved with this process and how to recognize if there was an injury after the extractor was used.

Surgical errors and issues with technological advances

For patients and doctors in Newton, new equipment and the advancement of technology was supposed to improve patient outcomes, make procedures safer and help everyone feel better about undergoing a medical procedure. Unfortunately, the technological advancements are only as effective as those who are overseeing their implementation and technological issues have come to the forefront amid concerns that these machines are not being checked as they should be before the operation commences.